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Sterling Trader Pro

Used world-wide by proprietary trading firms, broker-dealers, and active traders, Sterling Trader® Pro gives traders the performance and functionality they need to compete in today’s markets. Connect anywhere from your desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android. 

Trade Equities and Options

Advanced charting with 60+ configurable studies

Sophisticated real-time scanning tools

Exchanges alerts and imbalances

Fully configurable hot keys and hot buttons

Position and portfolio management

Server-side stop and native stop orders

Access to basic CCS Business Wire news and Seeking Alpha

DAS Trader Pro

DAS|Pro is a professional trading platform with advanced order types, charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment. It combines powerful features such as advanced analytics, multi-asset trading and portfolio management into a single trading platform. 

Trade Equities and Options

Trade Equities and Options

Advanced Charting

Supports Multiple Monitors

Direct Access Order Routing

Real-Time Account Management

Multiple Stop Types

Regional, Totalview, ARCA, and OPRA

Collocated Order Executions